Life blood of the USA

My post title is a bit grandiose but it’s to illustrate an important point.

This country is and has always been a country of immigrants. No matter how “American” one claims to be, chances are unless you are part Native American you arrived here on a sea vessel of some kind and in more recent times a plane.

The whole point of this post is to refer to this article on Yahoo that claims illegal immigration has dropped. That’s all well and good but my main focus with this article is to reiterate the point I had made in my previous post about the Republican backed STEM bill.

“House Republicans, seeking to show they are serious about addressing the immigration issue after being largely rejected by Hispanics in the election, voted last week to make green cards accessible to foreign students graduating with advanced science and math degrees from U.S. universities.

The measure, strongly backed by the high-tech industry and touted as a boost to the U.S. economy, would have a net effect of extending more visas and eventual citizenship to students from India and China. It is opposed by most Democrats, the Obama administration and immigrant rights groups such as the Asian American Justice Center which want to see it packaged with broader legislation that extends legal status for illegal immigrants.” (sourced from the above article)

They essentially made my point, Democrats will kill the bill and it is widely unsupported because it will serve only Indians and Asians in immigration.

While it’s great illegal immigration is down, let’s get serious about true reform shall we? Can we create a path for people that have been here for a long time with no criminal record to have a way to achieve citizenship without being made to feel like a terrorist?

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